London Calls For Reparations

COMMUNITY: Reparations March, London

HUNDREDS of locals of London’s black community took to the streets to mark Emancipation Day and the annual Reparations March.

The march, which begun at Windrush Square, Brixton and culminated at Parliament Square, was awash with colour and pride as many marked Emancipation Day by demanding the government acknowledges the historic and ongoing impact of colonisation and slavery.

This year’s march was themed under “Stop the Maangamizi,” and saw activists from all walks of life come together and demand justice.

Organisers of the march carried a petition, which states: “The blood, sweat and tears of our Ancestors financed the economic expansion of the United Kingdom. The immoral and illegal acts inflicted on Afrikans against their will cannot all be undone.

“However, the perpetrators, their descendants and all other beneficiaries, ought to be compelled to address the harm that has resulted from them. Today the offspring of the stolen Afrikans encounter direct and indirect racial discrimination daily. This results in impoverishment, lack of education, unemployment, imprisonment and ill health.

“Now is the time for the victims of these inhumane atrocities to demand, effect and secure holistic, adequate, comprehensive and intersectional reparations for the wrongs that continue to be inflicted on Afrika, Afrikans on the Continent and in the Diaspora.”

During the late afternoon an evening, an event took place at Windrush Square which included DJs, stalls and plenty more.

See pictures below:

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