By 1917, using the fraud characterization developed by Walter Fleming and others, the Federal Government has effectively shut down the ex-slave pension movement by prosecuting and convicting Callie House and others. The theory is that Callie House and others were acting fraudulently by collecting money to fund a lobbying effort that instilled a false hope in ex-slaves that the Government would give them a pension.

Did the US Government’s suppression of the ex-slave pension movement toll the operation of any statute of limitations applicable to reparations claims?

* See timeline entry for 1972 concerning article concluding that there was no evidence of fraud.


Reference: Deadria C. Farmer-Paellmann, Excerpt from Black Exodus: The Ex-Slave Pension Movement Reader,in Should America Pay?: Slavery and the Raging Debate on Reparations(ed. Raymond A. Winbush, PhD 2003) at p. 27



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