In July 2017, the University of the West Indies (UWI) establishes a Centre for Reparations Research, to be led by Professor Verene Shepherd, former Director of the Institute for Gender and Development Studies, co-Chair of the National Council on Reparation (Jamaica) and one of the three Vice Chairs of the CARICOM Reparations Commission (CRC).

The Centre for Reparations Research at the UWI will lead the implementation of CARICOM’s Reparatory Justice Programme, with three strategic goals:

  • promoting research on the legacies of enslavement, colonialism, and native genocide in the Caribbean and on how to bring justice and positive transformation to these legacies with a particular focus on CARICOM’s Reparatory Justice programme;
  • working with national and regional reparation commissions and committees to promote education at the UWI and across Caribbean school systems on these legacies and the need for justice and repair; and
  • promoting advocacy for reparatory and social justice by building a capacity to provide consultancies to CARICOMand other relevant institutions, raise public awareness and support activism around the Reparatory Justice programme.




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