On April 14, 2015, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announces the creation of a $5.5 million city fund for individuals who could prove that they were victimized by former Chicago Police Department commander Jon Burge. (When this fund is first proposed by Aldermembers in 2013, they suggest that it should be established for $20 million.)

Under the terms, some 60 living victims would each be eligible to receive up to $100,000. The living survivors and their immediate families, and the immediate families of the deceased torture victims, would also be given access to services, including psychological counseling and free tuition to the City Colleges of Chicago. Additionally, the City approves a public memorial to the deceased victims and establishes a requirement that students in the eighth and tenth grades attending Chicago Public Schools learn about the Burge legacy.


Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon_Burge


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